Make new frens in web3 🤝

Meeting others in web3 can be hard! Discords are anonymous and chaotic. Twitter is filled with spam. DMs are always closed, and meatspace peeps aren’t always crypto-friendly. 0xFrens is creating a quality network of web3 builders and enthusiasts looking to connect.

Building connections across web3

Meet web3 enthusiasts like you 🍻

Each week get paired up for a 1:1 chat with a member who has similar web3 interests and memberships as you. Like an IRL conference, these chats may be as casual as meeting a new friend or as serious as discovering a new partner for your web3 project.

Show your web3 self 💅

Each member will get a web3 focused profile based on wallet activity, with the ability to add and edit information about youself. Utilize these to get to know one about one another before you meet and build out your web3 social graph!

Get to know your community 🤝

When communities join 0xFrens, we"ll match members of that specific community with each other. It"s a great way to get a community engaged, and bring the group closer.

Want to get your community involved? Contact us via Discord

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